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Covert Solutions

Our covert camera systems are designed to provide a highly cost effective way of: 

  • Reducing internal shrinkage
  • Ability to see what really occurs when you are away
  • Protecting your profits
  • Monitoring suspicious activity
  • Assisting in the detection of crime
  • Gaining essential evidence of a suspected member of staff committing a criminal offence
  • Catching a small thief before he becomes a big thief
  • Supplying evidence for court proceedings and CCMA claims

We install and provide covert camera systems at the cutting edge of technology on a rental basis or outright purchase (We install a system that meets your needs and your budget). Our customer service is fast and very discreet!

Board pinhole

Working passive (PIR) 

Smoke detector

Sprinkler head

Snake camera

Our service includes:

  • Consultation with the client
  • Installations of high resolution hidden cameras, motion detected recording device (DVR), cable, power supplies and miscellaneous according to clients specifications
  • Installation and de-installation of systems outside normal trading hours or whenever required
  • Rental period to suit client
  • Minimum disruption and utmost discretion
  • Off – site analysis
  • Summary report and DVD’s with subtitles and voice overlay

Our customer service is fast and very discreet!

Covert footage and pricing is available on request

Please note:  
During the rental period, clients assume complete responsibility of the equipment in case of fire, theft, vandalism and any damage caused during the equipment beinginstalled at his site.

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