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The Mobile DVR is a GIS (Geographic Information System) based central management.

The vehicle tracking and remote location verification is made possible by the GPS receiver attached to Video Server and DVR to constantly obtain the GPS data (vehicle coordinates and speed) from the satellite, and through mobile internet connection (e.g. UMTS, EV-DO, EDGE, GPRS, GSM, etc) to transmit the GPS data.

Besides real-time vehicle tracking, you can also monitor the location of cameras and the status of I/O devices from the DVR and NVR, without GPS functions for city surveillance.



  • GIS central management system
  • Real-time vehicle GPS coordinates
  • Real-time vehicle video
  • Support for optional Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth and user-defined maps
  • Monitoring up to 500 vehicles at one time
  • Tracking route playback
  • Detecting detours in a planned route or area
  • Alert notification
  • Withstands shocks and vibrations of up to 0.5G’s
  • Able to add user defined emap for camera location inside building
  • Customized landmark (point of interest , or POI) setting

Integration with Video Servers, Compact DVR’s, IP Camera’s, DVR Systems and NVR’s

Basic layout of mobile DVR solution - Click on image to enlarge

Software Interface - Click on image to enlarge

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