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The Bosch Plena family is designed to be easy to install, highly reliable and attractively priced. Incorporating state of the art audio technology, including options for PC managed digital messaging feedback suppression and digital background music, Bosch Plena is a total solution designed with your requirements in mind.

The Bosch Plena public address equipment is designed for small/medium/large sized PA applications, from one to 6 zones. The digital message manager and CD tuner, brings near CD audio quality to business and emergency messages.

Designed to meet the stringent IEC 60849 standard for sound systems for emergency purposes, Bosch’s Plena public address and voice alarm system offers all essential public address (PA) and emergency evacuation (EVAC) functionality, including system supervision, spare amplifier switching, loudspeaker‑line surveillance, digital message management and an interface for a fireman\'s panel.

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