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Maintenance & Servicing

Our Focus is Customer Service.

Secure recommends that once your system is installed a regular maintenance programme be entered into.

Maintenance to any equipment supplied by Secure required within the warranty period is free of charge. Customers have the option for ongoing maintenance with Secure to receive additional benefit of product upgrades and support at discounted rates.  Maintenance contracts are also part of Secure’s core business. When a unit of any surveillance system becomes faulty or needs regular maintenance to ensure reliability, Secure will undertake the maintenance of any such equipment as our customers needs permit

You can be confident from the day you make contact with us that you will receive expert advice and your system will be installed and maintained by a suitably qualified and experienced technician. Quality is an element of the attitudes of our technicians that has been carefully nurtured and is evident in the compliments received from clients.

Call us today to keep your surveillance equipment healthy and reliable.

Discreet (Covert) Surveillance

We perform covert installations with utmost discretion. Covert installations are normally performed during off business hours and are performed with the same quality service and attention to detail as regular installations. Covert cameras may be added to either existing systems or standalone systems.

Clients take advantage of this service as covert systems have been extremely successful in recording employee theft, improper employee behaviour, time of theft, vandalism, verify a person’s activities etc.

We offer various options that include a rental option if you do not have the need for a permanent system.

Our services are presently used by well renowned corporate companies

We guarantee discretion!

Free CCTV Surveys

If you already have a business CCTV system, one of our specialist engineers will attend to your business and give your CCTV system a free health check

What we offer in our health check:

  • Free no obligation assessment of your CCTV system

  • Absolutely no charge and guaranteed no obligation or pressure sales tactics.

  • Consider it a free MOT to ensure your current CCTV system is fit for purpose

  • Only takes 30 – 45 minutes and there will be no disruption to your daily business

  • We’ll ensure your not a statistic as 80% of CCTV images are not useful as evidence

  • We’ll ensure you are operating within the law and strict Data Protection Code of Practice

  • We will produce a comprehensive report with recommendations

Why not book yourself a free CCTV health check today and one of our engineers will come out to your premises and go through your system with you and advise you what can be done to help in your areas of concern.

This service is totally free and without obligation, alternatively you may call us on (012) 667 2323 for a chat and advice.

Off Site Video Analyses

Our well trained employees analyze video footages for the largest retail stores in Southern Africa at our offices. We swap out DVRs on a rotational basis and analyze for thefts, under ringing, over ringing and company procedure violations. We supply a written report with video evidence back up on DVD to be used for disciplinary hearings and possible dismissals

IP Solutions

IP CCTV cameras are similar to standard CCTV cameras in features and functions but offer far superior picture quality as they do not transmit their images and sound as analogue signals but as data. They also offer remote configuration of their settings, and on some models even the image image sensor of the camera can be configured as required. IP CCTV cameras incorporate built in web servers which allows for live monitoring, recording and configuration across a computer network or the internet (by connecting the camera directly to an internet connection using the relevant equipment, for example a Router to connect to an ADSL Internet connection).

Secure has a range of IP network devices, which will enable you to monitor and record footage from your surveillance cameras anytime, anywhere. By connecting our range of products to a LAN, WAN, or the Internet - real-time image monitoring from remote places can be achieved through software, workstations, or even web browsers. Call SECURE today and get connected!

Remote Live Monitoring

Remote monitoring - proactive CCTV

One type of CCTV technology which stands-up well to scrutiny, under any cost benefit analysis, isremotely monitored, detector activated CCTV. Time and again it has demonstrated an ability to stop crime at the earliest possible stage on commercial, industrial and public sector sites and, crucially, to assist the police to apprehend the culprits.

Looking more closely at remotely monitored CCTV surveillance, the overriding attraction has to be the fact that there is visual confirmation by an operator regarding the cause of a specific activation. This minimises false alarms and, crucially, enables the fastest possible appropriate action. In practice, this means transmission equipment being linked to CCTV cameras and detectors on commercial, public sector and, increasingly, domestic sites.

Advantages of CCTV Remote Monitoring and recording

  • Constant site monitoring 24X 7 X365
  • Recording of events on site
  • Recording of abnormal events within and outside normal hours
  • Reduces theft from the site
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve security
  • Enhance business efficiency
  • Prevents unauthorized entry of intruders
  • Provides an immediate deterrent to intruders
  • Regular auditable visual patrols


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